Saturday, 23 March 2013


This week hasn't gone entirely to plan :(

Thursday we were meant to have bbq chicken, which didn't happen because of the lamb stew being a day late because of being ill last Monday when I was meant to make it.

So Thursday was Leftover Lamb Stew instead of BBQ Chicken.

Yesterday (Friday) was then going to be BBQ chicken after I'd been in Birmingham all day for the Hobbycrafts/Sewing For Pleasure show at the NEC (which tbh I wasn't overly impressed on the cross stitch side! Cayla got some fab stuff and even fabbier BARGAINS! The one stall everything was £1, or 12 for £10! amazing! And RAMMED!!! Lol

I did get a couple little kits (pics to follow) and some new thread heaven (plus a spare, cos our puppy has developed a taste for it!! :/ ) but overall I was disappointed! We actually left after 2½ hours cos we had seen and bought everything we wanted, so we went into Birmingham centre for some window shopping. Kinda wish we hadn't as I was trying to find holiday clothes, which apart from one maxi dress (which they didnt have my size in) it was a complete FAIL and totally depressing. I HATE clothes shopping. I have NO idea what suits me, or what does with what!

So Gok Wan, if you're reading, a personalised capsule wardrobe would be great, ta!

Anyhoo, BBQ Chicken didn't happen cos a certain STUPID supermarket had sent me meat with a REEEEEALLY short shelf life, order came wednesday and it went out of date Thursday unbeknownst to me cos I just figured it would have at least 2 or 3 days on it! GRRRR!

So complaint via phone about that and the mince they sent us - also thursday, figure that one out! - and we got a refund, plus a £5.50 voucher "for our inconvenience"!

So hubby and bubs had the fish and chips that was originally meant for Friday, and I had crumpets!!

Now I haven't been entirely honest in my tracking the last couple days, and am not doing the best today either! I REEEEAAAAALLY need to pull it back! I haven't used AAALLLL my weeklies yet, and I don't want to. So I am going to go out now (in the SNOW) to get looooooads of fruit and all the veg and stuff needed for the next few days food (save going out again!)

It's a heating cranked, PJ's on and a cuppa kind of weekend!!

So tonight is Toad in the Hole

Then tomorrow is Shepherd's Pie, Monday Fajitas, Tuesday leftover Shepherds Pie, and Wednesday Tikka Masala.

And I WILL get back on track!!

We've been given some more leaflets to deliver too, so at least I can earn an AP or 2 back.


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